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A well designed advertising campaign is about location, visibility, being in the right place at the right time and leading customers to the product or company needed.
This ‘home of drilling operations’ website provides an ideal drilling advertising platform, visited globally by thousands of drilling professionals every month, young and old, with many in positions to directly influence the purchasing or strategic decision makers - such as acquisitions of tools, equipment, technology, process or peoples career development.
Why spend thousands for one-off full page adverts that may or may not be seen by your target audience, when drilling visitors can review links directly to your latest publications for far less.

Terms and conditions

Companies can advertise with monthly prices ranging from $25-$75 per month. The home page with historical views averaging >15,000 times a month, prices here start from $100 a month.

All adverts can be linked directly to the advertisers web site or we can arrange to have a page made.
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